12 Jan 2015

Opting to use Zenexus for mentoring and back office support at the very beginning was the wisest of business decisions I made, yet the first one! The combination of their strengths allows for a finely balanced partnership.

Emma for her infectious passion and first class recruitment mentoring and the leads/ contacts she can put you in touch with. I don’t think I have met many that can support you by offering a solution with such a quick turn around.

Martin, is unrivalled in his business directorship support. He possesses the commercial mind-set that makes you feel at ease with your cashflow management, and tax efficiency. He helps install a disciplined and viable business mind set, subsequently reducing the fear suffered by many start ups. It is easier said, than done to eliminate such fears, but one year on, and I can safely say I don’t worry about this at all.

In conclusion Zenexus will save you time and money. Efficiency is an understatement.

More importantly than the aforementioned however, is that they are promoters of work life balance, and will support you in creating both a profitable, yet lifestyle business, whereby normally it is challenging to bring these both aligned together.