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As a business incubator, Zenexus is geared to speeding up the growth and success of start up and early stage recruitment businesses. Your business gets access to essential services such as accountancy, credit control, marketing, IT, database, invoice financing and legal expertise, in fact everything you need for your business, without having to pay out any up-front financial cost. We offer services that are constantly evolving to meet your needs and market developments. In essence we take away all the back office running of the company which leaves you, the recruiter, free to concentrate on what you do best: finding talented individuals for great companies. Yet we are so much more than just a back-office service. We will firmly support you through the early and fragile stages of growth giving you intangible benefits including mentorship, expertise and networking. If you are a strong experienced and motivated recruiter with the potential to become a business leader then please get in touch for a confidential chat.


Be your own boss

Being your own boss isn’t always easy, but it is extremely rewarding. You can make decisions and respond to opportunities very quickly, you don’t have to go through tiers of management to get approval and, talking of management, if you don’t like the way your current boss does it then you can do it differently. You also get to surround yourself with the people that you want and maybe not awkward clients who don’t get back to you or annoying colleagues who spend all day planning their night out rather than working.

Increase your earnings

The big question here is: How much have you made for someone else over the years you have been in the recruitment industry? Probably hundreds of thousands of pounds, maybe even millions. Typically, what percentage of your Billings do you keep? 20 or 25 percent or less? Yes, you may do ok with commission but what if you turned that model on its head and it’s you that retains the vast majority of your Billings? Enjoy a better lifestyle or plough some of these increased earnings back into your company for expansion.

Better lifestyle

Getting the right work life balance these days is so important. How about having the flexibility to plan your workday around your family? You can set your own work schedule and you don’t have to feel guilty about doing personal things. Want to leave early to see your kid’s football match? How about taking that cooking class you’ve always wanted to that starts at 5pm? What about working out during the day when the gyms are empty? Your schedule is your own when you work for yourself, and there’s none of that worthless office guilt from your boss to worry about.

Get your ``mojo`` back

Do you feel demotivated and flat? Have you fallen out of love with your current job? Waking up one morning and feeling like you cannot face another day at your desk happens to all of us. After all, we’re human beings. When it comes to the office, the motivation to do your best can be perilously balanced, and easily displaced by multiple influences such as office politics, staff changes, varying workflow, poor management, boredom or career progression challenges. To ignite your motivation what better way than takingcharge of your career by setting up on your own. Knowing the direction you’re going in and being responsible for it is the surest way of regaining – and keeping – your “mojo”. Discover the true and better you.

Control your business growth

When you are in control you can define your own definition of success and not work to someone else’s. If you want a one-man band lifestyle business or a recruitment business that you want to grow to exit it’s up to you – we currently work with both ideologies. Whatever you want from your recruitment business it is up to you to set the goals and timeframe to get to each one. If you need help devising and working to a business plan, we can certainly help. If you want a plan so you can build a business to sell then we have experience of building value for investors and potential buyers.

Opportunities for start ups have never been better

Never has there been a better time to go it alone in the recruitment industry. If you have entrepreneurial DNA flowing through your veins, the right concept, a well thought out business plan, determination and a good old-fashioned hard work ethos then you have the right constituents to building a successful company. Clearly, when setting up any business it is important to surround yourself with the best services and partners and to concentrate on what you do best rather than getting bogged down with things that you don’t, such as all the back-office tasks.


80% of recruitment start-ups fail within the first 2 years and 50% within the first 5 years according to the register of new companies at Companies House.

Poor accounting practices

Operational inefficiencies

Lack of a business plan

No infrastructure

Falling behind on HMRC responsibilities

Lack of finance

Lack of focus and direction

Lack of credit control and debt recovery

Poor understanding of cash flow forecasting

Lack of legal support and compliance