Zenexus was co-founded in early 2010 by Emma and Martin Stone. Emma originally contacted Martin with regards to a main board position with a main contractor but, after much discussion, they combined their expertise gained from over 25 years in the recruitment and construction industries respectively forming what is now their recruitment company Zenexus Solutions. The company has grown over the years into sectors other than just construction and now also operates within the law and commercial sectors. The company is based near Biggin Hill Airport, famous for being one of the commanding bases for the Battle of Britain during the Second World War, and Downe House, the home of the great scientist Charles Darwin. The company works throughout the UK but is predominantly focused around London and the Home Counties.
Having been successful at setting up and running their own business, Emma and Martin decided to pass their expertise onto motivated recruiters who have dreamed of starting their own recruitment business too. Crucially, by taking away all of the back end tasks that stop a recruiter doing what they do best, they are able to use their time totally productively and focus on making placements.

Working at main board level for a series of multi-million pound turnover organisations, some which grew exponentially in a short period of time, and starting several business has enabled Martin to offer his expertise to others via a business consultancy service.

Incidentally, the business name is derived from two elements: Zen – a state of mind in which one is calm, nothing fazes one who is zen and Nexus – a form of connection; a connected group; the centre of something. The logo design strongly incorporates Ensōs (a Japanese word meaning “circle”) and a concept strongly associated with Zen. It symbolises absolute enlightenment, strength and elegance. The interconnecting Ensos represent the interconnectedness of all life; each circle reflects hopes, visions and aspirations – ideal for someone exploring a new career path!

Zenexus invests in motivated recruitment professionals who have what it takes to go solo. Your skills lie in being an exceptional recruitment consultant and maybe not in running all the other elements of a busy recruitment agency but, what if someone else could take all of that away from you? That’s where we come in.  We give you the opportunity to launch your own recruitment business without having to pay out any up-front financial cost and we provide all the necessary ongoing support such outlined below. In essence we take away all the back office running of the company which leaves you, the recruiter, free to concentrate on what you do best: finding talented individuals for great companies.

Each and every item to ensure that you are successful is thought about. We will incorporate your company and you will be the majority shareholder. We will setup the marketing and website aspects of your recruitment brand, provide the accountancy functions to allow your new business to trade, take care of your tax and VAT returns. We provide all the comfort of the support functions that you would expect from a large recruitment agency including accounts, payroll, invoicing, finance, CRM, marketing and IT. We know exactly how all of this works because we did it ourselves and we will make it bespoke to you and your company.

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